The Importance of Art Education for Children

Topics: Art, Learning, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Art education is an important part of healthy development for children, and through art children can find their experiences that enhance their personal development. Nowadays, childhood development connects too much to a technology world and not enough to art. Art education and art activities should be provided to children at an early stage because it helps them to find their natural talents and discover themselves. Research has shown that participation in the arts has a great impact on student achievement. Having children get involved in art by exposing them to several different processes and activities helps them learn, grow, and develop their artistic ability. Arts are an important tool for learning and it needs to be introduced to children by providing the opportunity to develop the ideas, feelings and develop their creativity.

Arts enable children to use different ways to express themselves, to communicate with others, and to understand their own feelings. The arts in infancy or toddlers increase language development because it offers them a new way to express thought and feeling without words. When children participate in art projects or crafts, in group activities, they can enhance their social communication by interacting with others, and respecting others' ways of working and thinking. It has been proven by many researches that early exposure to arts promotes activity in the brain. Also, children discover themselves through art and can build their artistic behavior through the process in which the child learns. Art academics need to be active to change the environment in which children learn (Bresler, 1998). In the environment in a classroom or at home, children can express their ideas and share their art with friends, teachers, siblings, and parents, and by sharing of their art, they also learn how to connect and communicate with others. This is also another way to express their ideas and feeling.

Children can develop their creativity in art by...
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