The Importance of an Official Language in American Society

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  • Published : December 7, 2009
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The Importance of an Official Language in American Society.
The United States of America has commonly been referred to as a great melting pot because we are a country comprised of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The original idea of our melting pot was that one nation would be made out of immigrants from different nations around the world. That cultural influx has created the vibrant and diverse atmosphere of today’s American society. As a society, it is important to appreciate our cultural differences, but at the same time identify the universal factors that make us all American. We can continue to encourage legal immigrants to become citizens, but it is important that immigrants embrace American values and the culture that binds us together. As a nation it is essential that we come together and form a relationship of common traits. Communication is vital for any people to successfully work together. In order to protect this bond universal language is essential. According to the 1990 census, 96% of U.S. residents speak English. The United States should adopt English as its official language because it is the language spoken by an overwhelming majority of Americans and is an important part of the American culture. One argument against instituting English as the national language is that it takes away from a multicultural society by denying immigrants the practice of their heritage. It is important to celebrate diversity in our society but at the same time, set standards of our American customs. We should support any immigrant who wishes to assimilate into our culture and give them the tools necessary to learn our language. Immigrants are moving from their homelands for the promises of America. Mandating that immigrants adapt in some ways is necessary to preserve our way of life. The

United States has laws and requirements to obtain citizenship, asking that immigrants learn and practice the common language in society should...
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