The Importance of Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention Tools in Digital Campaigns

Topics: Marketing, Pay per click, Search engine optimization Pages: 11 (2744 words) Published: April 22, 2013
To: Sales Director at Playrite
From: Marketing Manager at Playrite
Subject: Investigation into opportunities for using digital marketing campaign tools to help build new and existing business Date: 30th November 2012


The importance of acquisition, conversion and retention tools in digital campaigns3 Different types of digital marketing campaign tools4
Acquiring new customers4
Converting Sales5
Retaining Customers6
Search Engine Marketing for Acquisition7
Website for Conversion7
Email for Retention8
1:1 Background to Nearlygrass9
2:1 Evaluation and measurement of current Nearlygrass website11 3:1 Statistics12

The importance of acquisition, conversion and retention tools in digital campaigns

Acquisition, conversion and retention tools are incredibly important in digital campaigns and enable businesses to acquire prospective customers, convert to sales and retain for future purchases. Digital marketing tools support marketing activities aimed at achieving profitable acquisition and retention of customers throughout their lifecycle (Dave Chaffey 2012 [Online]). When digital tools such as email marketing are integrated with more traditional media such as direct mail they form the basis of successful marketing campaigns. Although we are currently in a recession, the contribution of the internet to the economy is growing and will continue to grow at more than 10% annually for the next five years. By 2016 the reach is estimated to top $4.2 trillion (Economist 2012 [Online]). 80% of households in the UK now have access to the internet with 83% of those adults aged 24-44 years old using the internet daily which is an increase of 21% since 2006 (Office for National Statistics 2012 [Online]) see fig 3.2 and 3.3. If Nearlygrass wants to increase awareness of their product range then digital marketing is essential to develop a more interactive and engaging relationship with customers. The internet has made public relations public again, after years of almost exclusive focus on media. Blogs, online video, news releases, and other form of Web content let organisations communicate directly with buyers (Scott, pg 11, 2010). With a business-to-consumer website like it’s important to acquire individuals who are web savvy, convert them once they are on the website and retain or get a recommendation for the Nearlygrass range to friends and communicate about our products and services online.

Different types of digital marketing campaign tools

Acquiring new customers

What?| How?| Pros| Cons|
Search engine marketing| * SEO to optimise * PPC campaign to drive traffic.| * If the current website can be edited in house, SEO is quick and low cost * Continually improve by adding new, engaging content * PPC campaigns are fast to set up, amend and can be managed in house to budget.| * If not edited in house, costly and time consuming to change * Some PPC terms are costly * PPC is time consuming, requiring constant research. | Email| * Sending out cold email marketing campaigns * Include details of new content and news.| * Promotes products and drive traffic * Increase engagement and stickiness * Convert into more sample orders/enquiries and sales * Easy to personalise (Chaffey, pg 550, 2009).| * Difficult to buy quality list, emails could be classed as spam * Costly to send HTML emails, unless use free service like Mail Chimp.| Online PR| * Publish press releases on relevant websites. | * Grow brand and product awareness alongside USP * Drive traffic to the website by speaking directly to customers, unfiltered by the media (Scott, pg 86, 2010).| * Lots of competitors in current marketplace doing similar things * Time consuming * Costly.|

Converting Sales

What?| How?| Pros| Cons|
Website| * Keep...
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