The Importance of Accountability

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The importance of accountability

In the army accountability is everything. The definition of accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for ones actions. You have to have accountability for everything you do formation ceremonies to the items that you carry on you every day I’m going to give you 5 examples of when and why accountability would be very important example one having accountability of your soldiers if you are a NCO you always need to know where your solider are because fort Bragg is a rapid deployment base and if your platoon gets called up to be on GRF and your soldiers are not where they are supposed to be then it is not only your ass its everyone in the platoon. You need to keep accountability off your soldiers for pt because if they have a random piss test and your soldier I not there they need to know why that is examples of when a nco would need to keep accountably of their soldiers

A soldier not having accountability off his military id is another example of why it is so important to have accountability of his or her stuff not to long ago we were at forscom level bravo and you had to have you id to get into the motor pool even to get in to the barracks and one of the biggest things that not having accountability of your id card is for the single soldiers trying to eat in the chow halls or trying to get on base losing your military identification card is punishable under ucmj not having this one item will give you many problems you will have to go to the provost Marshalls office and fill out a report just to get the permission to get another one then you have to go to either your brigade or division to get another on and it makes you look like a shitty soldier and that can and will stick with you for a while if a soldier does not keep accountability if his id card he could also have his identity stolen and have bad credit or a terrorist could get ahold of it and get in to the base and plot attacks against the military that is why it is bad to not have accountability of you military id card at all times If a soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq or even in the field and they do not have accountability on their weapon or nvg or map then post will be locked down until those items are found it is very important to not loose these because if they get put into the wrong hands a lot of people could die for example if you are in Afghanistan and you lose a map and the enemy get ahold of it they can plan attacks send enemy forces to come attack us or bomb us losing your weapon if you lost your weapon you just armed a enemy and they will probably shoot At you with your own weapon and if you are like me and you have a family I don’t think you want to be kept here until your weapon or your buddies weapon is found that’s why it is always important of keeping accountability of your equipment. Having accountability as also a large part of being airborne. If you miss manifest or if you are missing a part of your gear that you need to jump you are a safety hazard to your self and your fellow jumpers. If you do not have accountability of your id tag or id card at manifest your are a scratched jumper. Also if your have faulty equipment your are putting your self in danger. While here on bragg being airborne is a big deal. And one day I hope to join the time honored tradition of being an airborne soldier. Losing accountability can affect you in a lot of ways. If you lose accountability of your pt reflective belt you are in the wrong uniform. If you lose your keys to your personally owned vehicle you will be late and there for unaccountable for you leader ship. If you lose your beret you will have no head gear for the day and subject to corrective action from the leaders set in charge of you. Another example of not having accountability is if you lose the keys to your military vehicle and the means for you to get your work done for the day. If you lose these you are useless to...
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