The Importance of Accountability

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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The Importance of Accountability
Aug 28, 2011
Dr. Carmon
The Importance of Accountability
Today’s society is depending on accountability to be a success in the healthcare industry. The writer will explain how accountability brings a change in the healthcare industry. Also the writer will explain how accountability is measured in healthcare, describes what to look for in check and balance in healthcare organization, how accountability affects different cultures and how to maintain and not avoid working culture.

Accountability is not something that is forced on a particular person. Accountability should be selected, acknowledged, and approved by individuals in your healthcare organization. Individuals should learn how to be responsible for their own actions, do what is right time after time, take part in actions and communications in which maintain the tactic of your organization, and show his or her integrity. Situation such as this causes a shift in culture that becomes a painful way to work or live. However allowing staff to have more choices teaches employees to be more dependable. Employee accountability is measured because safety routines are being measured without prejudice, all employees and upper level management are held responsible for his or her actions, and employees must be convenient and reasonable. Also superior supervision should be measured more on consequences as well as actions. However resources measures employees by work-related safety and health standards improve employee achieve and established. Employee accountability is also measured by receiving perks, for meeting and exceeding expectation.
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