The Importance of Accountability

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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The Importance of Accountability

HCS 475

The subject of accountability in healthcare is something the health care community addresses daily. It is crucial for health care organization to hold employees accountable for their behavior especially in situation where patient care is involved. Accountability is the most overused and misunderstood element of leadership in today’s healthcare environment (Porter & Malloch, 2007).

An important aspect of the success of any organization is anchored in accountability. The organization must hold employees accountable for their actions or the employees may feel entitled to underperform. Through the process of holding employees accountable an organization is able to promote employee responsibility and buy in. Accountability is not just crucial for in regards to the care of patient but also in regards to the fiscal responsibility of the organization. False or incorrect insurance claims can be incredibly damaging to an organization and can cost employees their job. Healthcare is a billion dollar a year enterprise which demands all members of an organization to be held accountable.

There are different ways to measure an employee’s accountability. Several options that organizations utilize are evaluations, customer satisfaction scores, and various checks and balances within an organization. All areas of health care including employees, management, health care providers, insurance companies, and recipients are all responsible for holding themselves accountable through assessment and analysis (Wilen & Stone, 1998). The cost and impact of accountability should be measured over time. This can be done when health care organizations put into operation quality control directives that produce the most effective measure of validity and appropriateness (Wilen & Stone, 2008).

Accountability is important for the...
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