The Importanca of Using Hand Tools

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1) The importance of using hand tools
Use the Right Tool for the Job
Using the correct tool for the job is the first step in safe hand tool use. Tools are designed for specific needs. That’s why you’ll find screwdrivers with various lengths and tip styles and pliers with different head shapes. Using any tool inappropriately is a step in the wrong direction. To avoid personal injury and tool damage, select the proper tool to do the job well and safely. Quality professional hand tools will last many years if they are taken care of and treated with respect. Manufacturers design tools for specific applications. If you use your screwdriver as a chisel or a pry bar, you can’t expect it to be in good shape when you actually need to drive a screw. Use tools only for their intended purpose. Hand tools

Using hand tools can injure the wrist, elbow and shoulder.
Tools that cause health problems are not necessarily of non ergonomic design ¿ they may be well designed but used excessively. Using tools may require awkward or static postures and forceful exertions. For example, working in cold conditions leads to a loss of sensitivity in the fingers and may lead result in a more forceful grip. Alternatively, you may have to bend your wrist to use a tool, or use a very firm grip to hold it steady. Some tools are heavy, or have a wide grip span. Some send shocks to the wrist and hand, while others press into the hand to cause contact stress. While gloves protect hands and fingers, they increase the muscular effort in using a hand tool by about 20% (or more if the gloves do not fit correctly). Ways to control hazards

* Assess the risks of using certain hand tools. Consider size, weight, type of handle and the grip needed. * Buy the right tool for the job. Purpose-made tools should be light and comfortable to use, and should not require excessive force. * Buy tools that can be used in either hand (this provides for left-handed people). * When buying heavy tools,...
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