The Implementation of the K+12 Systems in the Philippines

Topics: High school, Secondary education, Higher education Pages: 8 (2650 words) Published: March 8, 2011
The Effects of Broken Homes Among
Early Teenagers to their
Academic Performance

A Research Paper Presented to
Dr. Bienvanido Nepomuceno
Mapúa Institute of Technology

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements in

Jonathan M. Nartates

March 2011

K+12 educational systems are the additional years to secondary level. This research contains some information about the curriculum of K+12. Interview, books and newspaper were the researchers’ major instrument in gathering information and was augmented with other data collected through readings.Studies cited by the researchers have also shown that the country’s education program is equivalent to the 12-year education cycle followed abroad except that it is being completed in only 10 years. The respondents of this research are the high school students who will experience the implement of K+12 educational systems. These researches analyze and study what will be the effects of the K+12 educational systems to the country, parents, and students. The K+12 plan will cost an estimated annual investment of P30 billion over five years. This amount will increase the Department of Education share of the national budget from about 12 percent to 14 percent. But the Department of Education had received as much as 18 percent of the budget before. Countries considered poorer than the Philippines invest in K+12 for their children. Filipino children deserve no less.

Rep. Raymond Palatino, a member of Kabataan Party list said: The new system would translate to added burden to parents who could barely send their children to school. For povertystricken country such as ours, the proposal to add two years to basic education is a question of survival.

This K+12 will need more allowance to implement this program. Then the parents need to work harder for them to support the studies of their children. But this program will help the students to add additional knowledge and for them to learn more things.However, if the K+12 are implemented in our country it may improve the educational system and aside from that it may enhance the skills of the students. The implementation of the K+12 programs will raise the quality of education in the Philippines. Specifically it will answer the following: 1.)What were Japan’s reasons for expanding their prior educational system? 2.)What were the difficulties faced by the Japanese K+12 systems? What were their possible solutions to solve this problem? Will the Philippines encounter the same problems? 3.)What are the similarities and differences in the K+12 programs of Japan and the Philippines? 4.)What major changes will the Philippines educational system experience with the implementation of the program? 5.)How effective can the K+12 model work for the Philippines? These are the questions that the researchers will seek to answer. Being able to findanswers can help the researchers and the readers to understand what are the effect of K+12 and what are the things involved in it. This research will discuss the potential effects on the Implementation of the K+12 system in the Philippines as compared to the existing Japanese K+12 Education model. The researchers will discuss not only the changes when the K+12 are implemented in the country but also the advantages and disadvantages of the K+12 educational systems. The respondents of this research are the elementary and the high school students, who are personally involvedin the K+12 programs.

The researchers employed the descriptive method on the topic: “The implementation of K+12 systems in the Philippines". This type of research enable the researcher team to analyze the data obtained in order to present a comprehensive discussion on the conditions and relationships that exist. The major instruments used to gather data is the interview and augmented with other information gathered through reading related literature and studies....
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