The Implementation of Soft Skill Among the Students of King George the Fifth Secondary School

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National Education is an important agenda in order to produce holistic students that are highly competitive to fulfill the demands of the global job market. Soft skills are important so that students will display confidence in preparing themselves for the working world. Soft skills are implemented in all curriculum, co-curricular and other environmental school activities. Curricular activities covers three areas - teaching and learning, planning, implementation and assessment. Whereas the soft skills in co-curricular activities are implemented through students’ involvement in the activities of the societies and clubs, uniform bodies, sports and games. Environmental soft skills are acquired through activities that are related to beautification, cleanliness, safety and the spiritual. Soft skills are non-technical skills that are very important for self-development of the students and they are useful to produce individuals that are competitive in all aspects of life. These soft skills need to be given serious attention in line with the country’s vision that is to produce excellent citizens.

Definition of Soft Skills
Soft skills refer to General cognitive proficiency, personal and interpersonal skills related to our life (Kearns, 2001). Soft skills are also defined as a fluency, quality, and trait that every person should possess to gain success in their learning and future career. Soft skills are a cluster of knowledge, skill and attitude which show the relation and influence most people in their working life.

Building Soft Skills
Our National Education Philosophy firmly headed towards producing model students who are balance in all aspects of education in terms of quality and values. Emphasis is placed on soft skills to realise this aspiration which would enable our students to face the challenges of globalisation in the future.

Importance of Soft Skills
One of the long term objectives of education in Malaysia is to develop model students possessing individual characteristics and portraying those of a developed Malaysian society. The second phase of the Education Development Plan places a great deal of importance in developing a knowledgeable and skilled individual with good values, and a strong spirit. Mastering knowledge, skills and competence would therefore help develop good moral values as well as build discipline among students.

Soft Skills Implementation
Soft skills are clearly stated in the school’s vision that is Excellent School a Catalyst to a Great Generation and the school’s mission which is Developing Individual Potential through a Quality Education. Soft skills are implemented in King George V Secondary School through 13 skills that are available in curricular, co-curricular and environmental activities. These soft skills are implemented at 3 stages in the teaching and learning process. They include planning, implementation and assessment. Implementation of soft skills in co-curricular activities is done through students’ involvement in activities in clubs and societies, uniform bodies, games and sports. Soft skills in environmental activities, on the other hand, are practised through beautifying, cleaning, safety and spiritual activities. Soft skills are non-technical skills that are very important for individual’s self-development. The skills are crucial to produce competitive individuals. Therefore a serious attention needs to be given to the implementation of soft skills in line with the country’s vision to produce excellent citizens. Implementation of soft skills in King George V Secondary School involves all parties – teachers, students, parents, Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Former Student Association (Alumni), government and non-governmental...
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