The Implementation of Nutrition Care Process in Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental

Topics: Nutrition, Health care provider, Hospital Pages: 15 (4028 words) Published: September 22, 2012

A Research Proposal Presented to:

Prof. Jin A. Honculada

Dr. Earl Jude Paul K. Cleope

Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty
College of Education
Silliman University, Dumaguete City,
Negros Oriental

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements needed for
Nutrition Research

Submitted by

Carmille Llego
Aimee Rubia
Stephanie Reyes


This study would never be finished without the assistance, technical guidance, and moral support from many people. With deep gratitude and appreciation, the researchers would want to acknowledge the following who shared their precious time to help make this study:

Ms. Jin A. Honculada, thesis co-instructor and 3rd year class adviser for sharing her knowledge and expertise, for guidance in formulating the studies and the revision of this paper,

Dr. Earl Jude Paul K. Cleope for imparting us his own knowledge of research making, for sharing his own expertise in his own field,

To the researchers’ family for the encouragement and the will to survive the research and also the allowance given for the researchers’ daily expense intended for the study,

To the researchers’ friends for giving their all out support, helping for the editing of some parts of the research study,

To those significant others who may not be mentioned here who has indeed helped throughout the completion of the study,

And most of all, to the divine grace of the Almighty Father, without whom everything would be impossible for the researchers to complete this study.

Chapter 1



“There is no form of cookery that requires more thought and care than that intended for the diet of the sick.” Nutrition is necessary to once human being; it is the provision, to cells and organisms, of the materials necessary to support life. To every patient confined in the hospitals, there is many common health problems can be aid with a healthy diet. But during the application of the applied nutrition, Nutrition Care Plan must be implemented. In Negros Oriental Provincial Hospitals, Nutrition Care Plan is present. Clients requiring health care services have a variety of physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs that both define their health and affect their response to therapies. Nurses with their medical expertise and their frequent and intimate contact with clients, have a unique opportunity to identify these needs and address them in an individualized and holistic manner. Such an approach is particularly useful in meeting clients nutrition needs because a variety of personal factors influence food choices. Nutritional care is a set of activities to provide a diet adequate in nutrients needed by an individual and to help with proper eating habits. It is also a joint responsibility between the hospital’s dietary and the nursing departments. The nutritional care process is defined as the process planning and meeting the nutritional needs of the patient, with which starts with nutrition screening (Claudio, 2004). It is also a systematic approach that provides a high quality nutrition care to individuals who seemed to need it. Its purpose is to identify those who are at nutritionally at risk, definitely those who seek hospital care, and be provided with appropriate nutritional care. It includes several different aspects and it must be carefully managed in such a way that the right patients receive the nutritional support in the right place and at the right time. (Howard P., 2006)

Many patients do not eat and drink sufficiently during hospitalization. Thus, 30-50% of the elderly patients are undernourished and most of these patient’s protein and energy requirements are not met. Their muscular tissue, including their heart and...
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