The Implementation of Environmental Management System (Ems) for Waste Treatment Plant Operations in Palm Oil Mills

Topics: Waste, Hazardous waste, Waste management Pages: 40 (8368 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Sulaiman Bin Hj. Abdul Rahman1*
Nor Hasni Binti Osman2*
1. Othman Yeop Abdullah, College of Business (COB), University Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
2. School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML), College of Business, University Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
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At present, the Malaysian government has called for improvements on the palm oil and agriculture industry as the main focus. This sector is seen as having the most influential prospect in ensuring that the country’s economy would not be much affected due to global economy downturn which previously was heavily depended on the construction and technology industries. As the call for improvements are now being major focused which oversees various companies turning their business towards plantation, especially palm oil industry, in a way this may preserve the green area but looking at other point of view, the local environment may face challenges in the aspect of uncontrollable environmental impact deriving from palm oil effluents if no stringent enforcement and guidelines are being practised.

Acknowledging the negative impacts which may result from this industry, the government has stressed out t he need of the palm oil companies to obtain ISO 14000 accreditation. This move is seen as a strategic approach in ensuring environmental monitoring is undertaken by these organizations instead of the billions of ringgit that may be financed by the governme nt just for the sake of carrying out the mitigation works. In relation to this issue, this study which is titled as “THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) FOR WASTE TREATMENT PLANT OPERATIONS IN PALM OIL MILLS ” is carried out to determine the extent of palm oil mills’ compliance to EMS requirements which is based on the ISO 14000 standard.

The study focuses on the 2 numbers of palm oil mills which were part of 2 reputable palm oil companies in Malaysia. For this research, primary and secondary data were gathered from questionnaire surveys, observation and interviews conducted as well as references to the published reports, seminar papers and published books. To support this research, questionnaire survey was also undertaken to determine the actual EMS practice and implementation undertaken for waste treatment plants of the palm oil industry. The opinions of EMS implementation which were gathered through structured interview where the results were taken critically analyzed would give clear perception to the reader on the EMS practice and its implementation in the palm oil industry.

It can be summarized that EMS implementation for the waste treatment plant in palm oil mills are undertaken in accordance to the established ISO 14000 standard. In addition to this, the establishment of specific Environmental Department to perform total environment monitoring and control has contributed to improvements in monitoring the palm oil effluents which are categorized as scheduled waste. Environmental monitoring, planning and programme has been long established within the palm oil industry; only that prior to the concept of EMS, the implementation of monitoring was not in a systematic organization. It is recommended that a research on the same topic to be undertaken on other municipalities. In addition to this, detailed studies on the waste treatment plant process, environmental testing and monitoring methods as well as EMS procedures can also be undertaken for future research.

Keywords: EMS, Waste Treatment Plant, Palm Oil Mill, ISO 14000, Environmental Quality Act 1974, Department of Environment (DOE).
As the waste percentage increased over the years, the government is enforcing regulations to the maximum in order to ensure that the...
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