The Impersonal Nature of an Online Forum

Topics: Communication, Internet, Whole Foods Market Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: January 29, 2012
1.Discuss how the basic interpersonal communication model that is presented in Figure 8.1 can be applied to the impersonal nature of an online forum. The Interpersonal Communication Model is a form of communication in an Organization between two or more people. This model uses skills like reading, listening, managing, interpreting information, and communicating with people all over the world. This model is designed to help build relationships and sustain human relationships at work or in any other settings for communication purposes. In the case with Whole Foods John Mackey would be the communicator, who is originating the message in the forum in reference to Wild Oats. The message posted contains the thoughts and feelings that the communicator, who intends to evoke in the receiver. The communicator is trying to get his thoughts across by using the worlds, ideas, symbols, and concepts that he has chosen to relay in the message. The communicator also gets his feelings and emotional effects across as well by intensity, force, demeanor, and gestures that he is using. The receiver is the person viewing the forum through the Perceptual screens which are the windows that are used to interact with people all over the world on the internet. The Perpetual screens do influence the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the message posted online. These screens are designed to get the sender’s and receivers individual traits across, including age, gender, values, beliefs, past experiences, cultural influences, and individual needs. These screens influence both the sender and receiver, which is the case with Whole Foods the communicator, got his content across with its affects to the receivers. Feedback is provided by the receiver to the send and this will complete a two-way communication process in the forum. The language used is extremely important the choice of words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining these words can have positive or negative effect. In this...
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