The Impacts That Reliigon and Sexual Orientation Have on High School Students

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The impacts that religion and sexual orientation have on high school students

Since childhood we develop our identities and our choices are influenced by our sexual orientation, religion and surrounding environment ( how the people around us like friends and parents dress). People of all ages have trouble to achieve one’s own personality but teenagers are the group with the highest rate of people with low-self esteem. Why do so many teens have problems with themselves? The answer is because many haven’t learned to accept their sexual orientation or are forced to wear some clothes for religions such as the Islamism.

Recently, at Northwood High School junior Caleb and father had to force the principal to apologize for being required to write a letter from their synagogue’s rabbi asking permission to wear a kippah ( a Jewish hat used by men to pray). The boy came to school one day with the hat and when one administrator asked him to remove it, Caleb refused saying that he was wearing it for religious purposes. The principal asked for a letter for a letter from Caleb’s family rabbi. This story is just an example of some inappropriate answers to people’s clothing preferences. MCPS’s codes has no specific guidelines prohibiting the use of hats, religious or not. The rules say that” students can’t be punished for their dress unless it’s lewd, vulgar or obscene” or stimulates the use of drugs. All schools should be respectful with other religions.

Another problem often found in high schools happen with students who cross-dress. In other words, they wear clothes from the opposite gender. Most schools forbid Spaghetti straps, strapless shirts, sleeveless shirts for girls and sagging pants, muscle shirts for boys. In the last few years, some teenagers have been dressing to expose or hide their sexual orientation. There have been different reactions to this situation. In Houston, Texas a senior was sent home for wearing a wig that disrespected the school’s dress...
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