The Impacts of Mncs in the Economy of Bangladesh

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In the age of capitalism the Multinational Companies are the part and parcel of the economy of a country.A Multinational Company is company which is originated in a country (home) and expands its activities through the world.

The Indian Sub-continent has been an exquisite land of attraction for the businessmen since a long been.Bangladesh, after achieving birth in 1971 had become a fascinating body by the MNCs. As capitalization is going on through the world the MNCs are given an unwritten license to expand their business over the world. In this sequel action American Life Insurance Company ltd. Launched in Bangladesh as a first ever MNC. Since then to today around 100 MNC have been competing in Bangladesh.

If we consider the prior period of liberation war, we get launching of a lot of companies in Bangladesh. Among them Standard Chartered bank (BD) ltd, British American Tobacco (BAT) Bangladesh ltd. is most renown. BAT came in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in1945.Standarad Chartered Bank came in Bangladesh in 1948.Another business conglomerate Aventis (now Sanofi Aventis ) launched in Bangladesh in coming of a lot of foreign companies in Bangladesh still going on .Ours have a large population and low cost labor force as well. As a result MNCs are enjoying a smooth pave to come in Bangladesh. As far could able to analyze about the MNCs they are the holders of ton wealth. In the background of Capitalism their wealthy hand played a vital role.

After the industrial revolution in Britain a lot of MNCs got birth. Since then the expansion of the business of MNCs has been going on with a great speed together with technological development and other prospects. Manipulation of markets has been back to the fold due to the upper hand of MNCs


The specific objectives of our seminar paper are follows- •The ultimate goal of this seminar paper is find out the economic contribution and social responsibility of MNCs towards the people of Bangladesh. •Drowning the situation of MNC in Bangladesh.

Possibilities and constraints of MNCs
To find out the future potentiality of MNCs in Bangladesh. •Their obligations, responsibilities, and accountabilities. • To reveal social response to the people of Bangladesh, if needed.


A multinational corporation is that controls production facilities in more than one country, such facilities having been acquired through the process of foreign direct investment. As a developing country, Bangladesh has a good and important market for MNCs. So a lot of MNCs invested their capital and operate their business in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there is lot of cheap labor and huge unused resources. So to exploit those resources and proper utilization of labor the foreign countries come to invest with the benefits of tax-havens in reaching their goals. For this reason we have been getting some large multinational companies like Unilever, HSBC, Nestle, Sanofi-Aventis, Grameenphone, Banglalink and so on.prior to is preparing our seminar paper we went to companies whereby given their prospectus. These prospectuses act as a source of information. We were confined to some seminar paper available in our university common room.


To prepare the seminar paper, a data collection has been performed among the MNCs in Bangladesh. The corporation manager, area manager, human resource department etc have been asked about the necessary data related with our topics. Then it is analyses with the view of business, mathematical and economic perspective. Therefore we find out some contribution of MNCs in economic sector and social responsibility towards the people. There are around 100 MNCs( operating in Bangladesh. It is very difficult to collect data...
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