The Impact of E-Business on an Organisation

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Research and Analysis Project

E-Business: The impact of e-business on an organisation

Part 1: Project Objective and Overall research approach
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Why e-business
1.3. Company Profile
1.4. Industry Profile
1.5. Aims and Objectives of the Report
Part 2: Information gathering and accounting/business techniques * Sources used
* Methods of Analysis
* Limitations of Analysis
Part 3: Analysis and Presentation
* SWOT Analysis
* PEST Analysis
* Porter’s Generic Strategies
* B2B and B2C
* Trend Analysis
* Ratio Analysis


Part 1: Project Objective and Overall research approach
1.1 Introduction:
The purpose of this project is to provide research findings of the impact of e-business on a particular organisation. The research carried out in this project was based on the performance of Ocado an online grocery company and being online business how this company differentiate itself from other companies in the same industry and get advantages of e-business in this modern era of technology. 1.2 Why e-business:

Businesses that are run on the internet or uses information and communication technology to improve efficiency and profitability are known as e-businesses. “The impact of e-business on an organisation” is seems to me different and logical topic. It is different because it changes the living styles of people and effects the social lives of people. Going through research on this topic I can learn a lot of new things on the infrastructure of e-business and way of doing e-business. Due to technological boom e-business is the future of businesses. It would let me figure out the competitive advantage of e-business on traditional one and potential of change in social behaviour of people. The choice of this topic helps me to apply my academic knowledge and improve my communication and analytical skills and helps me to improve professional career. This topic not only provide me impact on one organisation but will also tell me how global businesses change due to technological revolutions. 1.3 Company Profile:

Ocado is a British online retailer specialising groceries. Ocado is partly owned by John Lewis partnership pension fund. Ocado is a limited company was founded in 2002 by Jonathan Faiman, Jason Gissing and Tim Steiner, former Goldman Sachs merchant bankers. Ocado has a number of own brand products from Waitrose supermarket chain and also name brand groceries and items like toys, flowers and magazines. Since 2002 Ocado has been making losses even though it has won customer service awards in the UK. Ocado was listed on London Stock Exchange on July 2010 and is member of FTSE 250 Index. The company is operating on a warehouse model deprived of physical stores and operating as an online business. Ocado operates in England’s South East, South Coast, Midlands, North West and most of the Yorkshire. ( To revolutionise the way people shop forever, by giving them a uniquely innovative and greener alternative to traditional grocery shopping. ( Ocado is an online business; it has also launched iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android device applications which are most convenient way to shop for groceries. People do not require desktop PCs or laptops to shop online; they can use their phones to shop for groceries. Ocado allows its customers to price match with other main grocery stores in the UK. Ocado has launched online price match with its competitor store Tesco. Ocado is one of the rapidly growing online businesses in the UK with delivery area expanded to cover over 10m households. 1.4 Industry Profile:

Online grocery retailing remains in its infancy with both demand and the proposition often limited in many...
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