The Impact of Video Games on Society

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The Impact of Video Games On Society.
Video games were first developed in the 1960s but for them to work they needed mainframe computers to run and were not available for public use. In the 1970s commercial games began to be developed it was around this era that home computers are the first generation video game consoles were created. The law costs and capabilities of computers meant that a single programmer would develop a game. Although, when the 21st century approached the increased processing power of computers and higher consumer expectations made it virtually impossible for a lone programmer to produce a game. The average price of a game production in 2000 was £63,700 then it rose to £318,500 in 2006 then to over £1,274,000 in 2010. Games are created in different phases. It starts with pre-production, pitches prototypes and design documents are written. When the idea is approved and funding is received development begins. This will involve a 20-100 person team. This team will involve designers, artists, programmers and testers. The game goes through a variety of development stages until being released. Every year new development companies open and some develop hit games. On average a multiplatform game budget is around £1,146,600 to £1,274,000. High profile games can make more than 2,548,800. in the early 1980s with home computers and consoles a lone programmer would have done most of the tasks of developing the game, things like programming, sound effects and graphical design. It would take around 6 weeks to create a game. nowadays the high expectations of commercial games exceed the capabilities of a single developer. Console manufacturers like , Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have standard technical requirements that games must achieve. The concept of a game has to be approved by the manufacturer. Modern games now take around 2-3 years to complete. This time scale depends on the genre, scale development platform and the amount of assets. However, occasionally games can exceed the average game time. For example 3D realms 'Duke Nukem Forever' was in production in the April of 1997 and was not released till June of 2011, a staggering 14 years in production. Another example is Maxis 'Spore' which began development in 1999 and released 9 years later in September of 2008. Gaming History

The first video games that were created had very little entertainment value. The development focus was separate from the user experience. The games created needed mainframe computers. 'OXO' was the first computer game that used a digital display. 1958 brought 'Tennis for Two' which used an oscilloscope to display. 1961 brought 'Spacewar' that could be used on a mainframe computer. The real development and commercial design of games started in the 1970's as this is when arcade video games and first generation consoles were being marketed. 'Computer Space' became the first commercially sold coin-operated video game in 1971. A black and white television was used for the display. by 1972 'Magnavox Odyssey' was the first home console to be made. In the same year Atari released 'Pong'. This game increased video game popularity. As 'Pong' was such a huge success many companies tried to replicate it. Different games were developed however like 'Gun Fight', it was a multi-directional shooter with game characters, violence and human to human combat released in 1975. Consoles began being developed that would play independently developed games. They ran on microprocessors, this was the beginning of the second generation consoles. it started with Fairchild Channel F being released in 1976. However, because of the amount of 'Pong' replicas being created in 1977 led to a video game crash. It came to an end in 1978 when 'Space Invaders' was released. The began the golden age of video games, it helped to inspire manufacturers to get into the market. it was around the time that home computers started appearing on the...
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