The Impact of United Kingdom Tourism on the Employment Rate.

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The impact of United Kingdom Tourism on the Employment rate.

Source : Travel and Tourism Economic Impacts 2012 United Kingdom UK Tourism had generated 938,500 jobs in 2011 which is 3.0% of total employment in the UK economy. The Tourism employment includes airlines, transportation service, hotels, restaurant, travel agents and leisure industries directly and indirectly supported by tourism. According to the data, there is a decrease from year 2002 to year 2005. Fords end 90 years of British car production with the loss of more than 2000 jobs after the last Fiesta was made at its factory in Dagenham. This somehow brings an impact on the tourism industry and indirectly affect on the industry. In addition, the UK government has introduce a tax rises at the year 2002. This had affect on some of the citizens of UK with less inbound tourism and outbound tourism with the taxation. Moreover, with the Iraq war happening at 2003, this greatly brings a huge impact to the tourism industry of UK. The government has spent around 7.4 billion pound on the Iraq war. The rises on year 2006 were because of the grand opening of the Emirates stadiums which brings in a lot of footballs fans to the country. The international friendly matches featured the Brazil national football team had successfully brightened up the tourism of United Kingdom again which leads to the contribution of employment. The world economic crisis happened at the year 2007 which lead to a decrease on the chart till the year 2009. During the world economic crisis, the whole world when in the recession and affect on the travel industry directly and indirectly. However, the critical decrease on the year 2009 was due to the Norovirus. The Norovirus case was happened at the whole Europe where some of the vegetable was polluted and affect illness to the consumer. The virus has cause a panic in UK and the whole Europe. There is a positive growth from the year 2010 to year 2012 towards tourism economic employment. It...
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