The Impact of Training on Employees Performance

Topics: Pearl Continental Hotels, Hotels in Pakistan, Hotel chains Pages: 13 (4219 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Relationship of training with Employees’ Performance in Hoteling Industry Case of Pearl Continental hotels in Pakistan Fakhar Ul Afaq1, Anwar Khan2
Abstract One of the most important aspects in the contemporary hoteling industry is employees’ acquaintance with new methods and techniques of Hotel management through training. In fact training is formal as well as an informal process, which is carried out for improving the performance of employees. Therefore the implementation of an effective training process at all levels of management has a significant impact on the performance of the employees. The present study has examined the relationship between the different training courses and the resultant performance of the employees in completing different tasks at the Pearl Continental Hotels situated at three big cities of Pakistan, i.e., Karachi, Rawalpindi, & Peshawar. Specifically this study has investigated the relationship between the employees’ training factors like, age, gender, experience, time spent on training & Overall scores achieved in training examinations and the six performance dimensions,i.e.1) work safety,

2) job preparedness, 3) hotel hygiene, 4) physical maintenance of rooms, 5) interactions with guests, 6) preparation for serving customers in different ways. Data was collected through a questionnaire which contained both “employees training profile” & “performance inventory”. Data was analyzed by development of multi regression model in order to calculate R2 values for individual training factors and knowing its strength of relationship with performance dimensions. A significant relationship was found between the employees training and their resultant performance in accomplishing different tasks. It was found that those employees who have taken trainings were more capable in performing different task & vice versa. It is recommended that the some of prevalent problems related to delivery of different services to targeted customers in the hoteling industry of Pakistan can be overcome by first conducting a training need assessment for employees of the hotels, then delivery of training programmes to targeted employees and in the end evaluation of the training out comes in such way that the performance is checked in accordance to the training programmes already been delivered. Further more the employee participation can improve the process of training programmes design & deployment, and this participation will also motivate the employees to show better performance after the training programmes have are delivered. Field of Research: Human Resource Management


BS(BA) (Hons) student in the Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock, Pakistan Email: , 2

Anwar Khan Marwat is Lecturer at COMSATS Institute of information Technology, Attock Campus. Email:

1. Introduction
Business world is going to be dominated by the services. It has been noticed that in today's world the service sector is the largest growing area of developing countries. The cross culture encounter ships in business and world wide company cultures are fueling the growth of service sector in developing countries. Now days an increase of tourism has resulted in the expansion of hoteling industry Pakistan. The hoteling industry in Pakistan has become highly competitive with regard to the quality of service which are provided by hoteling industry as the quality of services have a significant effects on the profitability and success of hotels. The quality of service can be maintained by continuous development of both the employees as well as other factors involved in the quality of services. One of the way to develop employees is giving them continuous training in their respective fields as according to Michael Armstrong, 2000, the fundamental aim of training is helping organization to achieve its goal by adding value...
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