The Impact of the Job Satisfaction on Employee Retention at Independent Television Ltd.

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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By, Kazi Golam Mostafa 0921410

An Internship Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Bachelor of Business Administration

Independent University, Bangladesh November, 2012


By, Kazi Golam Mostafa 0921410

Has been approved November 2012

Mohammed Sohel Islam School of Business Independent University Bangladesh


November, 2012 Mohammed Sohel Islam Lecturer, School Of Business Independent University Bangladesh Sub: Submission of the Internship Report Dear Sir With due respect, I, Kazi Golam Mostafa, ID:0921410, would like to inform you that, it is a great pleasure for me to submit the advanced working report on “the impact of job satisfaction on employee retention in Independent Television Ltd”, as an internship report for the degree Bachelor of Business Administration. In this report, I have tried to implement my academic experiences in the practical field with due sincerity and would like to thank you for your cooperation. Despite many limitations I have tried my level best to address the major and in depth issues in making this paper accurate and reliable. If you have any further enquiry concerning any additional information I would be very pleased to clarify that. I, therefore, hope that you will be kind enough to accept this report as fulfillment of the requirement for the course BBA-499. Thanking you. Sincerely yours, Kazi Golam Mostafa Id: 0921410

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Definitely all praises be to Allah. So, first of all, I express my deep gratitude to the Almighty Allah who created and nurture us in this transitory world. I also have to put my heartfelt respect and gratitude for His kindness and help that were provided to me to complete my assigned report on the topic the impact of the job satisfaction on employee retention at Independent Television Ltd. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those marvelous people who have contributed to this report. At first, I express thank my heartiest gratitude to my Supervisor Mr. Mohammed Sohel Islam, Lecturer of Business School, IUB, for his kind cooperation in preparing this report. I would like to thank Mr. Mahbubur Rahman, Head of the HR of Independent Television Limited, for giving me opportunity to work as an intern. I am grateful to Head of the News Department Mr. Khaled Muhiuddin for his supervision and continuous support to do my internship. It would be injustice if I do not express my gratitude to Mr Jahiduzzaman National Desk incharge; Mr Waseq billah, Senior Broadcast Journalist without their support it was impossible for me make such report. I am also indebted to all of officers and staffs of ITV and for giving time and advice to know and learn all activities of the Organization and prepare this report. During the preparation of the project work I have came to the very supportive touch of different individuals (respondents & seniors from ITV) who lend their ideas, time and caring guidance to amplify the report’s contents. To be honest to myself I must say that without their help it would be very hard for me to prepare such report. I am thankful to them with all of my feelings. Last of all I would like to express my thanks to the authors, researchers, article writers whose books and articles I consulted and friends who helped me in every stage of the report by Providing valuable information and suggestion in respect to prepare this report.

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Executive Summary
Introduction ITV Vision, Mission and Goal Programes of ITV:

Experience in ITV News Section Research Proposal
Problem statement Purpose of Research

Literature Review: Framework
Chosen variables: Theorized causal connections of the variable: Research questions:...
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