The Impact of the Crucifixion

Topics: Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus, Gospel of John Pages: 2 (279 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The Impact of the Crucifixion
(Isaiah 53:5)

When we think about Easter, we think of what Jesus did to save us from our sin. But the events of this time did so much more for us. The events that happened between the betrayal and the cross not only impacted us spiritually, but also naturally. When we look at the prophetic word being spoken by Isaiah, we get a clear view of the total impact that the crucifixion had on our lives. I. Wounded for Our Transgressions

Wounded - pierced through: Ps. 22:16 “For dogs have surrounded Me; The congregation of the wicked has enclosed Me. They pierced My hands and My feet;” Transgression – open rebellion

II. Bruised for Our Iniquities

Bruised - crushed under the weight of a burden: Is. 53:6

Iniquities – wicked act

Sin is indeed a burden that grows heavier the longer we resist God : Ps. 38:4 “For my iniquities have gone over my head;       Like a heavy burden they are too heavy for me.”

III. Chastised for Our Peace

Chastised – to punish; beat

Peace – to become reconciled with

The only way a lawbreaker can be at peace with the law is to suffer the punishment that the law demands. Because He took our place, we now have peace with God and cannot be condemned by God’s law Rom. 5:1 “Therefore, ahaving been justified by faith, 1we have bpeace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,”

IV. By His Stripes We are Healed

[ 1 ]. a Is. 32:17; John 16:33
[ 2 ]. 1 Some ancient mss. let us have
[ 3 ]. b [Is. 53:5]; Acts 10:36; [Eph. 2:14]
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