The Impact of Television on Preschool Children” Are They Learning Anything Constructive or Is Television Preventing the Development of Social Skills?

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Marcelleous Belfield
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Scientific Research Report:
“The impact of television on preschool children” Are they learning anything constructive or is television preventing the development of social skills?
The theory that watching television for toddlers can eventually be a bdad thing has never been deffinetimitation of educational programs that are made for younger children INTRODUCTION
Can television serve as a tool for parents to facilitate infants and children? It may be so in an indirect way, the fact is that children are more. With the boom in the electronic industry and the production of television and other electronic device, it has been. A common belief is that television in more ways that other has been taking the place of children playing time and ultimately their ability to develop social skills.

In the field of child

For some time now, questions have been asked about the impact that television and video materials has on the development of toddlers. With the development and expansion of channels that caters primarily toward children, are these television shos really helping in the developing children social skills, are they producing materials that children can learn from. The feeling is, that children will be to accurately immediate the material that these channels have on them. That after watching they would have developed new skills. There is a particular memory of mine as I talk about this topic that comes to mind, I can remember the very first time when I realize that I could have read, and came one day when I was watching television. A s I sat there reading the sub title to and Indian move, when my cousin looked at me and said ‘you can read? ‘Of course I was doing this before in my mind but this was the first time that I had said something out loud, and it was at that moment the I realize that reading was something that I wa capable of doing. So as an adult I keep asking myself was it because I paid attention...
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