The Impact of Technology on the Music Industry: a Study Into How Organisations Adapt in a Rapidly Evolving Business Environment

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The impact of technology on the music industry: A study into how organisations adapt in a rapidly evolving business environment

Profile - Sam Ford from UK Indie band One Night Only. The Group have recorded a top 10 hit on the Top 40 UK Singles Chart in 2008 from their debut album “Started a Fire”.

From your debut album Started a Fire, you had a top 10 hit with “Just For Tonight”. What did it take you to get to the point? How did you market and promote your band to get to this point, did it start from how much of it was your own promotion and how did your record label help?

Gigging. We spent years just touring and gigging and built up a real strong loyal live following. The more people you get coming to your shows the more people that will go out and buy your singles and buy your albums.

How did the record label help with that? Or was it really just built off your own back?

Its always good to have major label backing, due to the contacts they have got, they have whole teams of people just dedicated to promoting your music on a street level and online.

With the internet coming in and playing such a vital role, there are programs such as Spotify did you see them as a threat or an opportunity? People being able to listen to your music for free and legally?

In the modern day music industry you have to take any opportunity to get your music out there. Obviously no-one is a massive fan of illegal downloads, over the next couple of years i think you will find there will be more ways in combatting illegal downloads. But the internet is harnessing its potential even through outlets such as myspace or Spotify, where people can listen to your music for free. Its a major aid, its free for us to use as well.

Was Myspace a big way of promoting the band then?

Definitely outlets such as Myspace have probably been one of the biggest ways of promoting our band. People can go onto your myspace now and find out everything they need to know about the band, whether thats our history or our up and coming tour dates.

With the amount of money made from record sales decreasing what are the other ways you plan to make money as opposed to record sales at the moment?

Playing live. The gigging scene is as strong as ever. And merchandising goes hand in hand with gigging. That is probably our main source of money as a band.

Do you think the concert scene has got bigger since downloading has increased?

Yeh i mean music is so accessible now. People can get to know about bands and connect with them more easily now. I think people these days would rather spend money to go and see a concert as opposed to buying a CD. The live scene has never been as strong.

I saw one of your records was licensed to be used by the Olympic 2012 committee? is licensing of music a way of combatting the loss of sales?

I think for the record labels licensing is huge now. It is just another avenue to make profit. As a band we just wanted our music to be heard and it was great promotion to be associated with the Olympics 2012 pledge, it was a massive platform for us. I think taking as much free advertising as you can is useful, and if you can profit from simply haven’t your music played then great. You get opportunities for advertisement all the time, it is necessary to chose those of which will show you in a good light.

Where do you see the industry being in 10 years time? where do you see the band fitting in with such a rapidly evolving business environment?

I think the price for legal MP3’s will continue to decrease, to counter balance that i think the gigging scene will just continue to grow and grow. Your starting to see fans that really want to see band thats can really play again, which I personally think is great.

Appendix 2

Profile - Joseph Gren. Sales Manager of Independent Record Label Tru Thoughts

Tru Thoughts is an independent record label. What are the main differences between independent label's and major record...
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