The Impact of Technology on Individuals and the Society

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  • Published : October 5, 2011
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The Impact of technology on individuals and the society

THE IMPACTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE INDIVIDUALS AND THE SOCIETY People are divided into their beliefs on whether the overall effect on technology is positive or negative. I believe that technology has a negative effect on human society, while many others would disagree. People may believe that the overall effect of technology is good, but there are clearly dangers and drawbacks. Every new technology breeds unsuspected or unwanted side effects. For instance, the Industrial Revolution, while reducing manual labour in the long run, had and still has many negative consequences, such as pollution, child labour, and workshop conditions. Technology is the imitation development of human power. It should make us stronger and smarter; however our demented community is discovering that it has the opposite effect. Nuclear power has terrified and paralysed its creators, while the improved cleverness and flexibility of our machines have caused social chaos and economic inactivity. You must be thinking what is nuclear power and how may it have affected our society? Well, Nuclear power is energy which is produced with the use of a controlled nuclear reaction. Many nations use nuclear power plants to generate electricity for both civilian and military use, and some nations also utilize nuclear power to run parts of their naval fleets, especially submarines. Nuclear power causes a number of problems. These include:

* Waste streams
* High-level radioactive wastes
* Power plant emissions
* Risks of cancer
* Nuclear accidents
* Water usage
* Heat waste
* Greenhouse gas emissions
* And decommissioning
Technology actually serves to harm humans rather than help them. A competition between two cities or companies usually makes lives for humans even worse. Take for example when a city builds roads to attract tourists. This creates more traffic, not less. Technology also changes our sense of...
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