The Impact of Social Media/Networking

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Sociology Pages: 6 (2201 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The Impact of Social Media/Networking
The world has been swept of its feet and taken over by the amazing capabilities of the mass media and its effect. Like any fashion in the 21st century, social media has flourished and become a part of mainstream life all around the world. The dominant presence of social media and networking can now be found places such as the workplace, schools, hospitals, restaurants, sports fields and most interestingly, the day to day lifestyles of people at large. Companies have gained popularity, jobs have been made easier, a more ready market is now available, and communication is now faster, easier, and cheaper amongst other changes. Unfortunately, not only are there advantages to this delightful intervention, there are also some very serious disadvantages that are posing as a threat to organizations, companies and most importantly, peoples’ lives. The lack of security and the ability to create fake identities: the stereotypes and the labeling. Journalists would relate this to the “Magic Bullet Model’ of the early 1900’s. This was when the effects of media were so great that the people were controlled by the media. At that time, the only things that moved us out of that theory were Industrialization, Urbanization and Modernization. Alas it seems as though we are falling back into that web. Social media has been known to treat all users the same: trusted friend or total stranger, with little or nothing in between. Many things can I be said about the impact of Social Media as a whole but I will

Sabau 2 narrow down my research to Facebook and its impacts, whether positive or negative on the following. The impact of social networking can be looked at in many different ways and as David Paul Nord said, “New technology is never as new as people imagine.”(Nord) The same can be said about social networking. My focus will be on the use of Facebook and the difference in the way people used it in the past, today and perhaps in the future. This research will cover points on the impact on Education: The teachers and the students, Business: development and employment and lastly, Communication in the social world. Education

I think that it is critical to realize and accept is that social networking websites are here to stay. According to this video, , an education study revealed that online students are out-performing those that are receiving face to face instruction. Is this a cause for concern? I can almost foresee a world where school buildings will be demolished or under used whilst everyone takes classes online. The more time students spend on social sites, the less time they spend socializing in person. Because of the lack of body signals and other nonverbal cues, like tone and inflection, social networking sites are not an adequate replacement for face-to-face communication. Students who spend a great deal of time on social networking are less able to effectively communicate in person. British academic, author, speaker and technologist Steve Wheeler posted in his blog asking: “Should we try to use social

Sabau 3 network services such as Facebook and MySpace as serious educational tools, or should they remain the domain of informal chat and backstage antics?” (Wheeler) Great question. With Facebook, where there seems to be only positive effects at the moment, the negative effects might not be so clear cut as society is still grappling with the broader social ills of Facebook. The original intention of Facebook is to encourage and increase the level of social interactions between people online and also for its members to connect with one another. So...
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