The Impact of Online Shopping on Consumer Behavior

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First I would like to Thank Allah for giving me knowledge.

I am very Thankful to our subject teacher Dr. Tariq for guiding and helping me in this Research.

I gratefully thank my parents, Friends and all classmates who cooperated with me in the time when I needed them.

Also I would like to thank all the Respondents who gave their time in filling the Questionnaire.


The purpose of this dissertation is to identify what are the factors that influence the consumer behavior while they are shopping online. Because now a day’s online shopping is increasing day by day .We collected both primary and secondary Data. The survey was conducted in Alain Mall through questionnaire and all the factors that can influence consumer behavior or change consumer behavior because of online shopping where given in the questionnaire. So we found that the the online shopping has a big impact on consumer behavior in many different ways.

Table of contentsPage No.
1. Introduction
1.1 Company Profile1
1.2 Statement of the problem1
1.3 Objectives of the study1
1.4 Scope & limitations of the study2
1.5 Significance of the study2
1.6 Define the terms3
2. Review of Related Literature 2.1 Theoretical & Conceptual literature3
2.2 Related Studies5
2.3 Schematic Diagram6
2.4 Synthesis7
3. Research Methodology
3.1 Research design7
3.2 Respondents of the study8
3.3 Research Instrument8
3.4 Validity of Research Instrument9
3.5 Data gathering procedures9
3.6 Statistical Analysis9
4. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data

5. Summary of findings, conclusions and Recommendations

6.1 Summary of findings22
6.2 Conclusions23
6.3 Recommendations24

6. References25

List of Tables & Graphs
Fig 1.Gender10
Fig 2.Nationality11
Fig 3.since when you are shopping online12
Figs 4.What are the goods that you purchase online13
Fig 5.Online shopping saves my time14
Fig 6.making payments is easy through online shopping15
Fig 7.The delivery of the product is too long16
Fig 8.I cannot bargain online17
Fig 9.In online shopping we get more discounts and offers18 Fig 10.I believe that online shopping is better than physical stores19 Fig 11.I has access to famous brands through online shopping20 Fig is major concern in shopping online21

List of Appendices
Appendices 126
Appendices 229
Appendices 333

1. Introduction
1.1 Company Profile is one of the largest online shopping Business in UAE which is safe and secure and it was established in 2005 and through millions of people buy or sell their products Daily and from the day when this online shopping Business came in to being it is improving and providing quality service to customers and is famous for its trusted platform. Now is one of the largest ecommerce site among the Arabs it includes the countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. 1.2 Statement of the Problem

The Impact of online shopping on consumer behavior in In this research we need to understand what are the actual factors according to which the consumers do online shopping and how their...
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