The Impact of Non-Financial Resources

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The Impact of Non-Financial Resources
In this assignment I will provide information for the Human Resources Director of Babcock Plc, about how my chosen business uses physical, technological and human resources. I have chosen to research about Marks and Spencer’s, which is a private limited company and sells high quality clothing, home products and food. They operate internationally, but mostly concentrating on UK. Managing the human, physical and technological resources are very important for Marks and Spencer’s because, they help the company operate efficiently, and productively. Managing these resources well helps them with the day to day running of the business. Physical Resources

Physical resources are the resources that are available for the day to day running of the business, and they’re made by humans. For example they can be in the form of buildings, or machinery. Buildings and locations are very important for the company, so they will attract more customers and the buildings will be functional for their shops. Marks and Spencer’s have successfully managed their buildings and locations because, most of their shops are located in the high street which has a high footfall and is easily accessible. This increases the number of customers, which means there are more sales for their business. Also their buildings stand out and their shops are spacious and functional. Another thing is that they have shops located in more than 41 countries, which means the sales increase because there are more customers in different countries.

Secondly, shelving is also important for Marks and Spencer’s to function, and to make their products easily accessible to customers, and stand out. In their stores the shelving is well located, and spread out in different segments. This makes the customers find the product they’re looking for, easy to find. Also it makes the customers have a good experience with Marks and Spencer’s and reduces the time to look for the products. Another thing that the company does is that they put direction signs, which tell the customers where everything is and makes shopping around the store easier. Additionally all Marks and Spencer’s stores are laid out the same way, so wherever customers shop, they will know their way around the store. By doing this, it helps to improve shopping experience for the customers, and retain their existing customers which will increase their sales and improve their profit. Lastly, another physical resource that Marks and Spencer’s use is the CCTV cameras. These are important for the business because they keep the business secure and decrease the chances of people stealing so they have less chances of loosing profit. Marks and Spencer’s have security cameras all around their stores, which also keep record of number of the customers that they get. This is useful because they can prevent people from stealing so, less stealers will come into the shop. Therefore the business keeps safe, saves money and doesn’t lose out profit. Human Resources

Human resources are the people that work for the organisation, and are essential for the business. Without human resources the business would be impossible to operate. Marks and Spencer’s use human resources to recruit new staff when the business can’t keep up with the demand. They make sure the recruitment process goes well and that they recruit the right person for the job. This helps to avoid recruiting the wrong person, and wasting money on training them. This saves money and time on training new staff. Marks and Spencer’s have managed their human resources well because, they keep mostly the same staff, which is good for the business because they know about the job and there’s less risk for mistake. Also they are more trustworthy because, they work for a long time for the company, and know more about the job than a newly recruited person. Marks and Spencer’s provide different incentives for the right staff, so they will be more...
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