The Impact of Media upon Our Society

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Luo, Brittney
April 30, 2013
Ms. Clark
English, Period 6
Media Affects Society
How does media affect our society today? Well, media affects our society in several ways and controls the direction of society. Media affect how we learn about our world and interact with one another. Media literally mediate our relationship with social institutions. It can affect people’s gender roles as well. The media may be an influence, but each person has free will. They can follow the influence of the media or create their own path. Media has influenced me to change my lifestyle, like basketball because I get a more understanding of basketball and how to play it. Media can affect on the gender roles in our daily lives.

In mainstream media, stereotyping is a standard way of characterizing people. Leading women characters are often seen as overwhelmed by their responsibilities compared to their male counterparts. “Women are being portrayed in the media as objects who compete with other women to see who is prettier and more successful” (Luo, Cindy). Usually, women are into the mass media of fashion industry because of how pretty the clothing and models looks. Women are often dressed provocatively and high emphasis is placed on appearance. Gender roles are prevalent in media, often portraying women as nurturing, gentle, cooperative, concerned with appearance, and sensitive to others. This shows that women can be emotional from the portraying of the media.

Men are portrayed as active, adventurous, powerful, sexually aggressive and largely uninvolved in human relationships. “Men are taught that they must be strong and show no fear or sadness” (McGrath). Most media contains a male role of being brave and courageous. Many men showed their role by being the men in the media. Television programming for all ages disproportionately depicts men as serious confident, competent, powerful, and in high-status ‘positions.’ “Gentleness in men has receded as established male characters...
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