The Impact of Media on Adolescents

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The Impact of Media on Adolescents

By | August 2012
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The Impact of Media on Adolescents
Dorothy E. Henderson
Capella University

The Impact of Media on Adolescent Development
Today’s generation of adolescents are using media sources on a continual basis which some people see their experience as being negative outcomes. However, this statement is not altogether true. Both negative and positive influences can be attributed to media that children use in today’s society. “Media exposure have eroded the dividing lines that separated childhood from adulthood.” (Shifrin, 2006) Media sources come from videos, internet, and television. Truly, media has its place in the adolescent world because media provides vast amounts of information in a short period of time and our technology is becoming more than just a luxury but a necessary tool in education, conducting business, entertainment, and the economy. The main purpose of media is to make money which means targeting consumers now and for future spending. Most teenagers are conducting their relationships with their peers online. There is nothing wrong with this, except when children come into contact with sexual predators. Anyone can be deceived in chat rooms and sometimes the end result is detrimental to children (teens). The impact of media on teens can also depend on family stability, the child’s personality, abuse in the home, and other psychological factors. According to Victor Strasburger, a pediatric physician, “Media has become the leading sex educator of young people.” (Strasburger, 2010) American television is becoming more and more sexually explicit. Nudity and sexual acts are “common” on prime time television. Prime time shows use to be family-oriented, but anything goes on television today. Again, it’s all about making money. It is up to parents to monitor and talk about what their children watch on television because sex on television will continue as long as ratings are high which means more money. Substance abuse is another area where...

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