The Impact of Mcdonization in Society

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Running head : McDonaldization of society

The impact of Mcdonization in society
Jay Riquelmy
Grantham university

The central theme in Max Weber’s analysis of society was the process of rationalization in which traditional ways of thinking were being replaced by an ends/means analysis concerned with efficiency and social control. A perfect example of this, according to Weber, was the bureaucracy – a large, formal organization characterized by a hierarchical authority structure, a well-defined division of labor, written rules and regulations, impersonality, and a an emphasis on technical competence. According to Ritzer, the fast-food restaurant has since become the organizational force representing the process of rationalization. In The McDonaldization of Society, he uses McDonalds as a case model to illustrate this argument.

The term McDonaldization refers to “the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world. “(Ritzer, 1993:1). The central concepts employed in the fast-food industry have spread not only to other types of restaurants, but also to industries like toy stores, bookstores, newspapers, childcare, learning, and more. What is happening is what is called the Chain mentality. In The McDonaldization of Society, Ritzer outlines five major themes within the process of McDonaldization: Efficiency, calculability, predictability, increased control, and the replacement of human by non-human technology. These are all concepts that the fast-food industry initiated and have now spread to other parts of society.

Efficiency. Efficiency means reaching a specific end rapidly while using the least amount of cost and effort. The idea is specific to the interests of the industry or business, however it is typically advertised as a benefit to the customer. Examples include: the drive-thru, salad bars, self-serve gasoline, ATM’s, microwave...
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