The Impact of Marketing Collateral System on Maintenance of Clients

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Abstract: The research has been developed using RAD as front end and DB2 as backend. It is application software for matching an item sold, such as a product or service, with an advertisement, brochure, coupon, or other marketing piece, collectively called as "Collateral". The system allows to match a piece of collateral with the preferences of a party who has a shown interest in the collateral offered by system. The result is that the collateral will not be placed with the sold item at random, and instead will be placed in shipping containers with the item in a targeted manner. There are four modules in this project. First one, advertisements of Order Management Solution, shows the order management process. Second module, displays list of the products. Third module develops the product. Finally, the fourth module, deals with sales of the product and its dynamics. The core component of collateral management system is an online catalog that contains images of all of the marketing collateral documents that a company uses. The catalog also includes a digital version of each marketing document. If a document is revised or replaced, the new document is added to the online catalog, and the old document is removed. When a sales representative or a channel partner needs to order marketing materials, he or she logs into a secure website, selects the desired documents from the catalog, specifies the desired quantity of each document, and submits the order. The system can use digital printing technology to produce marketing documents on an order-by-order basis. Therefore, in most cases, there is no physical inventory of marketing collateral. Once an order has been produced, the shipping department packages and ships the requested documents.

Key words: Rational Application Developer (RAD), DB2, Marketing Collateral System, Digital Printing Technology, Client
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