The Impact of Islam on Europe

Topics: Europe, Islam, Middle Ages Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: July 18, 2011
The Impact of Islam on Europe

From the years of 1000 CE to 1750 CE, the Islamic religion was certainly a catalyst in the European society. This popular religion sparked many changes in the European culture as well as it’s economical and political systems. It not only initiated the ideas of the Renaissance through education, but helped make the continent of Europe one of the most powerful and influential areas of the world. Many of the success in Europe throughout this time can be credited to Islam, for the church and king were granted an innumerable amount power. The ideas of Islam sparked The Crusades, technological advancements, and the formation of a centralized agricultural economy.

In 1095, the Europeans felt greatly threatened by the Islamic people in Jerusalem. The conflicts in Europe were resolved, and the nations of Europe united to defeat the city of Jerusalem, thus leading to the period of The Crusades. With The Crusades came the political changes earlier mentioned. As Europe succeeded in defeating the Muslims, the focus shifted to pope Urban The Second, the reason being was he initiated the unification of Europe. While many of The Crusades were successful, many men were lost. Armies of the aristocracies of Europe were diminished to smaller and smaller sizes, decreasing the power of the Aristocrats. Because of the heavy reliance on these armies, the success of The Crusades was eventually curtailed. The Pope lost much of his influential power, and the public began to view the Kings as the head powers of Europe.

With the influence of Islam came alternative lifestyles of many Europeans. Because of The Crusades, new cultural ideas were discovered. They were introduced to the fundamental Islamic ideas of higher education in addition to hundreds of scientific works of literature and maps. The European people shifted away from their traditional lifestyles of agriculture. They were now intrigued by the thoughts of attending universities to...
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