The Impact of Internet, Mass & Youtube on the Creative Arts.

Topics: Music, Advertising, Art Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The impact of internet,mass media & youtube on the creative arts.

The name given to todays youth group is Generation Y or also known as the Internet generation because of how highly connected they are, as many members of this generation have had lifelong use of communication and media technologies such as the world wide web, instant messaging,MP3 players,mobile phones and youtube. Thanks to this the creative arts has also prospered a great deal and gained mass awareness. This essay aims to describe the impact of internet, mass media and youtube on the creative arts.

People from different race and religion with different though processes connect on the internet everyday be it chatrooms,forums ,social networks or youtube, when these very same people share their talent on the internet awareness is spread and knowledge is swapped. Youtube is a site where people put up videos showcasing their talents.

Youtube on dance , On youtube professional's have put up videos on “how to learn basic moves” in a specific dance , for example like Salsa -there's a channel on youtube that teaches you the basic moves of salsa. Groups or individual dancers put up their videos performing their own or some-one else's moves. When they do this, they are sharing their talent with the world and if they're good , they'll 1

soon enough gain recognition. For example, the poreotics crew on youtube are a big sensation, when they put up videos of their own dance moves, other groups learn them, modify it a bit and then send them a video back showing them their new moves.

Mass media has influenced dance a great deal as well, movies like step up and honey help inspire people. Not only dance movies, but also shows like 'dancing with the stars',or “So you think you can dance” has helped dance too, dance styles that people din't even know existed are showcased on such shows.

Music is greatly influenced by the media promoted on the radio and tv shows ,on advertisements, music...
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