The Impact of International Students on the Netherlands

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The Impact of International Students
On the Netherlands

Introduction to Research Skills
Term 1
Dave van Ginhoven

Executive Summary

The topic researched was “the impact of international students on the Netherlands.” Through the research it was examined as to what effects foreign students have on the Netherlands: looking at their effects on Dutch students, universities and culture. The objective of this research was to assess current student trends. Methods utilized included desk research and interviews. The initial research plan was made to structure the research, in which keywords and stakeholders formulated guided the preliminary research. Upon discovering the project was feasible a basic interview was made consisting of 15 questions to inquire about student opinions of international students in The Hague University, which would be conducted in a semi-structured manner. Further detailed research was compiled, while jotting down detailed annotations. The interviews were recorded and arranged with 10 students individually. Thereafter the recordings were transcribed, with notes to compare and contrast the results. Upon evaluating the research it was found that the impact of international students does have an effect on the Netherlands. Based upon the findings the recommendation was made to that further research be conducted. Introduction

More and more international students are coming to receive their higher education in the Netherlands. According to Nuffic’s Mobility Overview in 2012 there were 87,100 foreign students in the Netherlands (Mobility in Higher Education in the Netherlands: Overview 2012, 2012, p.5). Foreign students are a large part of the Netherlands, influencing Dutch society in several ways. The topic that will be discussed is the impact of international students in the Netherlands. The central question being asked is: What is the impact of international students on the Netherlands? In order to answer that question the following will be examined: What is the effect on Dutch students? What is the effect on the Dutch universities? What is the effect on the Dutch culture? The objective of this research is to assess the current student population trends. Methods

Desk research was compiled and interviews were conducted in the research project. Information was collected about different affects that international students bring to the Netherlands. There were several reliable sources that were found on the internet through use of the LexisNexis database. This method was primarily chosen as a basic method to obtain a result, to grasp the big picture of the report. Interviews were also conducted. The interviews were semi-structured, consisting of 15 questions. 10 students were interviewed, including both Dutch and international students. This method was utilized because it’s a good way of learning different perspectives of students. In talking to them directly student opinions could be gathered, especially when letting them elaborate their thoughts. Results

A popular trend is growing within the European Union: students are studying abroad. According to Unesco figures in 2010 about 850,000 foreigners were studying in Europe, compared to approximately 660,000 in 2005 (Schuetze , 2012, par.5). One noteworthy country outside the European Union that sends over foreign students is China, with 5,700 students in 2012 (Mobility in Higher Education in the Netherlands: Overview 2012, 2012, p.5). Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen recently referred to Holland as the “gateway to Europe” in illustrating the relationship between China and the Netherlands (Chinese firms increasingly value the Netherlands: Dutch deputy PM, 2012, p.2). Not just the foreign countries outside of Europe are studying overseas. European Union citizens are studying outside their own country but within the Union. To give an example the Nuffic Mobility Overview...
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