The Impact of Information Technology on a University Sports Society

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The Impact of Information Technology on a University Sports Society


Nowadays, IT is used practically in most business ventures. The aim of this report is to illustrate the effects of IT on a university Sports Society. It discusses the use of the internet, office applications, networks, databases etc. And also discusses how Information Technology has affected or is likely to affect the University Sports Centre.


What is Information Technology or IT?

Information Technology is a general term used to describe tools that help produce, manipulate, store, communicate, or disseminate information. IT can also be described as the use of modern technology to handle information - IT basically means using a computer to do stuff.

The case study of choice is Middlesex University Sports Union (MUSU). Many years ago, sports centres like many organisations dealt with a lot of paperwork. This often meant that they needed space for large registries of information. It also meant that they employed staff who dealt with specific tasks such as filing or accounting. Today business functions in Middlesex University sports centre is a lot more streamlined because the use of IT aids them to function appropriately and create documents for various tasks efficiently and usually involving very few people and resources.

Mini Case Study

Before MUSU invested in IT systems they found it difficult to manage paper databases which took up lots of storage. This meant MUSU hired extra or specialist staff to handle its filing system and document management.

Nowadays MUSU uses IT in its day-to-day business activities. The main software in use is MRM a relational database. It incorporates word processing and spreadsheet functions. MRM allows MUSU to use a web cam to take passport sized pictures of new members. The database holds information on existing members and it also collects necessary information about a new member which allows MUSU to issue a membership ID with a unique barcode and account number. These barcodes can be scanned to identify the holder and it also outputs any information held about the member which can be printed or read on the monitor.


The intervention of IT means that MUSU now make huge savings of time and money using fewer staff and resources thereby achieving a clearer customer focus. The use of networks across campuses means that students or members can benefit from the flexibility of using the gym at whatever campus they choose regardless of where they registered originally. Once a member’s barcode is scanned it comes up with all the relevant information and tells if they should be allowed access or not. Also, because of the cost of running applications on individual computers, MUSU have a small business server in place which shares applications to all the PC’s, manages and sifts e-mails that come through, manages network security, access restrictions/ controls and automatically backs up electronic data to be stored for reference.

E-Mail and the internet are important and reliable tools because in effect it aids communication, advertising and flexibility it also allows MUSU to reach a wider audience. Members of MUSU can e-mail their personal trainers to book appointments for fitness exercises, one-to-one training, medical check ups etc or vice versa. MUSU also use e-mail to advertise, promote services or remind current members of any relevant information. MUSU’s website hosts information about their facilities, services, activities and opening times. The website also keep members informed of pricing, special offers, sports developments, hiring facilities, who to contact and what happens on each campuses.

Because MUSU’s management aspire to gain increased productivity using fewer resources to gain profits it also aspires for business independence. In the sense that it can use applications to devise a system for processing gym stock orders, delivery’s, staff timesheets(or...
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