The Impact of Globalization on Our Daily Lives

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Our world has become so quickly global and is not slowing down. The impact of globalization is invading each part of our daily lives in the home, workplace, educational establishment, and society as a whole. Technology such as, the Internet, telecommunications, and travel has played a major role in impacting Russian culture. We can text someone and get a response back from any other country immediately. We can call someone over Skype in India, f. e., and talk for free on our computer for as long as we want. Not to mention Facebook and Twitter which have become the most popular social networking tools on the planet. Communication has become a major tool to connect us to the world. If we want to travel to Africa or learn about Australia information is at our fingertips. I think about how much we interact with international products and services on a daily basis? We, Russians, may drive to work in a car designed in Europe, assembled in Korea, manufactured in China, and shipped by a Middle Eastern company. We may wear clothes and shoes made in China, and sometimes depending on your dining preferences eat Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or Georgian food. And as for entertainment flat screen televisions manufactured in China, the Sony PlayStation, the Apple iPod and iPhones, which have become more and more popular gadgets in the Russia. At the same time, there are unpleasant effects. It’s impossible to predict how it will affect people in the future. And globalization has become so rapid that the labor force can’t adjust to it. I guess, flexibility will probably be the most important skill for survival in the future. As for me, I learn foreign languages. I suppose, it can be useful for me. If my profession becomes underpaid or unclaimed I can change job. I am sure that acquired skills stand me in good stead in my future life.
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