The Impact of Globalization in Australia

Topics: Australia, Economy of Australia, Culture Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: August 28, 2012

Globalisation is the breakdown of traditional barriers between nation states, allowing the movement of goods, capital, people and information. Globalisation has immensely impacted Australia socially, economically and politically. Australia has been affected socially by globalisation, which has resulted in Australia experiencing Americanisation. Many American movies, shows, media, music and news gets publicised in Australia, which influences Australian youths. Due to globalisation, Australians follow the American lifestyle, seeing as they are prone to their cultural values. Globalisation has played a significant role in the development of Australia seeing as there are many transnational corporations from all around the world, in particular America, which are also located in Australia such as McDonalds, General Motors and Starbucks. We do not just use international products but we are very used to them and they take up a significant part of our culture. Australia has been influenced economically by globalisation through trade, investment, finance and business. There has been the expansion of new markets, which has benefitted the Australian dollar. Now Australian business people can buy products from anywhere in the world, trade and transfer money in any account around the world. However globalisation has also impacted Australia negatively due to the fact that large manufacturing companies that were originally based in Australia, have been shut down due to the fact that they have been transferred to other countries that work for cheap labour. An example is ‘Bonds’ which was shut down in Australia two years ago which resulted in employees losing their jobs and causing problems for many individuals. Globalisation has also played a significant role in the development of Australia through political aspects. Australia is greatly influenced by USA. They follow many of the orders that USA gives them, an example being the war...
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