The Impact of Fast Food

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The Impact of Fast Food
The Impact of Fast Food Fast food especially McDonalds and KFC from the United States has brought a lot of impacts since the first day it arrived in China. You can notice that many people especially the youth and kids like fast food so of them even declare fast food is more tasteful than Chinese food. So some nutritionists warn that maybe some day fast food will take the place of Chinese food. But I don’t think so. Yes fast food does have some advantages. For example fast food as it’s name implies provides fast and quick services. In McDonald’s and KFC the food is usually ready to before the customer ever orders it. So from entering the restaurant until you get your food it maybe only takes you 10 minutes. To present-day people who are too busy to spend time preparing their own meal or waiting in along queue for the food fast food is the very help of time-saving. Although fast food has had a great impact it cannot replace our traditional food as some people predicted. Remember the nickname of fast food is quotjunk food thats to say it has no nutrition at all. Whats more food like hamburgers and French fries provided by fast food restaurants are of so high calories that they tend to make people fatter and fatter. In contrast our Chinese food is much more delicious and nutritious. Its world-known that Chinese food is one of the most delicious cuisines. Instead of fastness and convenience it emphasizes color aroma and taste. Thus eating becomes an enjoyment instead of a routine work you have to do every day. So if you are busy and dont want to waste time eat fast food. But if you want to enjoy if you want to taste Chinese food is undoubtedly the best choice. And fast food and our Chinese food will still compete with each other in the future. But its impossible for one to merge the other. So the anxiety of the nutritionists is unwarranted.
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