The Impact of English Language on Contemporary World: a Global Perspective

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  • Published: August 3, 2013
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A Publication of TRANS Asian Research Journals

Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research Vol.1 Issue 4, September 2012, ISSN 2278-4853

THE IMPACT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE ON CONTEMPORARY WORLD: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE G. RAJA SEKHAR* *Assistant Professor, Department of English, Krishnaveni Engineering College, Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh, India. ABSTRACT Language has been affected by the significant trend of globalization considerably in the last two decades. Literally, we have revolutionary changes in communication and technology in 21st century and language has played a vital role to enable us to achieve and experience these developments. It is imperative that only powerful languages, like English, take the lead and stay on top in a global society and undoubtedly English has played a dominant role in international politics and diplomacy, information technology, science and technology, education and in resolving international conflicts and also the world economy. In this globalization, English has emerged as an international language despite strong competition from other languages. This paper investigates the status of English as a global language and its impact on the contemporary world in terms of communication, technology, education, information technology, scientific researches and above all societal transformation . __________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION We have a few questions about global language in our minds and there are answers for them given by experts and linguists but the question is whether we are satisfied with them or not. However, we have to consider them because they are acceptable. The questions are: What is a global language? How does a language achieve global status? What is the importance of a global language in this global village? Has English achieved the global status really? Let us investigate them. ―A language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that...
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