The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Sales and Business

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Emotional intelligence Pages: 5 (1819 words) Published: November 19, 2012
The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Sales and Business
Charles M. Boliko

This paper explores the impact of emotional intelligence in the business world. In a world that continues to innovate technologically, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to try to remain ahead of the competition, and it is clarified with this paper that one way to do this is by understanding how to use emotional intelligence to establish customer loyalty and good brand appeal. The interaction between a salesman and a potential client was analyzed and discussed to develop an understanding of how a salesman can use emotional intelligence to maximize the chances of making a deal with the client. Customer service in businesses was also a focal point of discussion. The conclusion that came to fruition was how good customer service must co-exist with emotional intelligence for a company to be successful. It has been determined from this essay that emotional intelligence has become an indispensable factor for success in business.

Cherry (2012) explains an individual with the ability to perceive, evaluate, and control their emotions and the emotions of others is considered to be emotionally intelligent. Having the ability to recognize emotions and responding to them appropriately will make another individual feel understood. This sense of understanding helps establish a connection between individuals, who will then find it easier to relate with one another. In today’s world of sales, having the ability to connect with someone on an emotional level can be the difference between making a sale and losing the customer’s interest. Sales are part of the marketing process, in which salesmen and saleswomen proceed with offering a company’s product to potential buyers. This can only be done after marketing research has been conducted to segment and identify which customers are most likely to buy the product. This target group of customers is likely to behave a certain way, and have certain lifestyle preferences. So it is the responsibility of the Sales team to convince the customer that the product they are offering suits their lifestyle and meets their needs, based on the knowledge gathered about them. It can be said that the customer’s main need is to be satisfied with a product or service: they want to be happy. So the salesman with emotional intelligence and knowledge obtained about the customer from marketing research is more likely to respond appropriately to these customer needs. The emotionally intelligent salesman will be more successful with sales and hence improve his business. There are plenty of articles and training programs now that help salesmen and saleswomen develop their emotional intelligence to improve their sales performance. The results are made clear in an article written by Jennings and Palmer (2007), titled “Enhancing Sales Performance Through Emotional Intelligence Development”. The authors conclude emotional intelligence is positively correlated with sales performance, after an experiment was conducted. In the experiment, two groups’ performances were observed, with one group being under the emotional intelligence development program. The results showed that the performances of the group under the development program improved, with Chart 3 demonstrating how revenues generated by this group increased from the start of the project, and how these revenues were much greater than the amount generated by the second group. This again demonstrates that salesmen with greater emotional intelligence should be more successful with sales. Therefore, emotional intelligence has become an indispensable trait that enables salesmen and saleswomen to become more successful.

Body language is a key component in non-verbal communication. In Sales, a salesman should be aware of the message being conveyed through body language as well, because the potential buyer might be conveying interest or disinterest. These signs...
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