The Impact of Effective Human Resource Management on Organization...

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The Impact of Effective Human Resource Management on Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

By | June 2011
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University of Hertfordshire Business School


Student No: 08210191


Submission Date: 23rd of September, 2010

Ethics Number: BS/ P/ 586-10

Final Word Count: 14,979


I, ADEGBOLA MAYOWA FOLAGBADE, hereby confirm that this dissertation work is my original work. All tables, figures, definitions, ideas from other writers are hereby properly referenced.

My sincere appreciation goes to God Almighty for seeing me through, for his Guidance and protection during the period of my programme; there is no one like you. I also appreciate the effort of my parents OBA and OLORI S.A. ADEGBOLA for their moral and financial support; you were both specially made for me. Also I would like to acknowledge the versatile, dynamic and highly inspiring efforts of my uncle and his amiable wife Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Alawode, May God continue to bless you. It is worthwhile to note the impeccable academic advice given to me by my supervisor Professor Alan Beaver during the period in which I was writing this dissertation, May God continue to strengthen your academicals prowess. My appreciation also goes to my programme coordinator and my module tutors. My sense of gratitude also goes to my friends both in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, America and the rest of the world: Anna, Babel, Ade, Funmi, Stephen, Michael, Big bam, Barinson, Abim, Abi and Tosin for their advice and love. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!


This project is especially dedicated to God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, whose unending love has meant more than words can possibly express to me and my Family....

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