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The Imoirtannce and Difficulty of Teaching English

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The Imoirtannce and Difficulty of Teaching English

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  • October 1999
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The Importance and Difficulty of Teaching English


Jeffrey Dobson

Period 3


Part 1:

The Importance of English

"In the world were over seven thousand languages have exisisted, one language had become dominate. This dominant language is English." "In the majority of countries throughout the world speak English as their second or first language, no longer just America or England." English has taken many forms, American English, the Queen's English, Australian, Canadian English, and several others. Even American English has taken several types of English, Jersey English, East Coast English, West Coast English, Southern English, slang English, and Ebonics. All of these languages have major variants between them, but are all of them are still understood aboard. Without English the world couldn't operate, because there would be no one language that could be understands all over the world.

Due to cultural and economic backgrounds English is slightly different in each area, therefore there no one exact English. American English is the most common and broad type of English. American English spreads widely throughout the world, because of the wide spread traveling that many American dos. American English itself breaks apart into almost fifty types of spoken English. Each type of spoken American English is changed depending on the type of music that area listens to, the life styles they live, and the background of that area. For example, southerners speak faster and more rapidly then most "Idahodians" do. "As A result of this, many southerners slur their words together so that they can speak faster, creating such words as Y'all, yunkto, and yes'um. Y'all is the two word you and all slurred together. Yunkto...

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