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The Immortal

By | Jan. 2002
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BOOK REPORT Roman Kizner World LitTHEIMMORTALBy:me n ur .............I read the book called the immortal by Christofer Pike. The story takes place in an island Greco in Greece. It is a great island and is mostly for tourism. But near that island about 5 miles away from Greco is a sacred island of Delos which attracts many tourists. It is sacred because its very old and there are prehistoric ruins everywhere on it. But the main reason it is sacred is because many believe Zeus the all powerful god was born there.There are 4 main characters. Two at the start and than there are two more. The two girls who are coming to the island to have a great time are Helen and Josie. They are best friends. Josies dad is a writter of movies in Hollywood and her parents are separated but she lives with her dad. Helen comes from a middle class family with not close to as much money as Josie dad has but her parents do everything they can to keep her happy. Helen also visited the island last summer. Then later in the story the are joined by two guys who they meet in a bar. They are Tom and Pascal. Tom is an English boy who goes to Oxford. Pascal is a French guy who is Toms very good friend. They both come to the island every year to work and catch some pretty girls. There are a whole lot of beaches and even nude beaches all over the island. They all start going out Tom with Josie and Helen with Pascal.The conflict of the story I think was man VS man because at the end they found out who each of them were for real. It turned out that Josie was a goddess of good and Helen was a goddess of bad. Helen did try to kill Josie and Tom but Josie saved Tom but died herself. So I think the conflict was between Helen and Josie so that makes the conflict be man VS man. Josie found out about her so called best friend that she was a bad person who killed Josies privoous...

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