The Immorality of Cloning

Topics: Cloning, Morality, Human cloning Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: June 18, 2009
The immorality of cloning Casey Chelchinskey 12S
The classification of a "clone" is the genetic copy of a life form. Cloning is a topical South African issue which we are faced with in our lives. The laws in South Africa which govern genetic manipulation state that neither therapeutic nor reproductive cloning is accepted. I take a firm stand against cloning and I believe it is unjust, intolerable and destructive for the future of humanity. The birth of the cloned sheep, Dolly, resulted in an immense impression around the world. This miraculous experiment was thought to be impossible and increased the possibility of human cloning. All countries should forbid human cloning as it reduces the value of life, removing individuality as well as destroying the social and moral systems that humans have extensively refined. Clones will be produced to create "spare parts" for other individuals, or even for medical research. Therefore, clones will be seen as disposable property, ultimately having less human rights; they will be bred and exterminated for the benefit of others. I undoubtedly concur that it is immoral to take away life in order to "harvest" body parts, whether that person is an adult, a child, or an embryo. By creating a duplication of a person, robs them of their individuality. Human dignity would in this way be undermined. Pro-activists can argue that, a clone is an identical twin; they exist and do not have destroyed human uniqueness. But there is a clear difference between being a twin and being one of a million clones of the same person. We are “playing” God, by creating a physical being through a non-natural procedure; by using humanity’s own invention. God commanded us to control the earth and have power over it (Gen 1:26-27). This does not necessarily mean that every probable use of technological advancement is good for humanity. In all probability God had reasons for creating the reproductive process, and we should not be careless about...
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