The Image of Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Media, Profession Pages: 5 (1623 words) Published: August 12, 2008
Nursing is basically a scientific profession with a widespread vision, where nurses care for the physical needs of the people at the same time satisfies their emotional, psychological, and intellectual as well as social and spiritual demands. These Nurses though get professional training but apart from professional training and experiences, a good nurse possess high humanistic quality and has in depth understanding of not only the psychology of her/his patients but also proves to be very soft and patience when her/his patients behave in some rude, unethical and humiliating manner.

On the other hand, they also devote special love and care to the patients at the same time, ignoring the unpleasant situations and circumstances when the patients are in abnormal conditions. Moreover, besides educating them the importance of a healthy life, they also enlighten them the various health care tips with the necessity of cleanliness of both the environment as well as the physic. At the same time, nurses also offer their services in guiding for a healthy and balanced diet to the patient to adopt as a lifetime principle. (Giger, Davidhiza 1990) However, the institution of nursing is also divided into two classes of the society. There are nurses who work in cities and big professional hospitals as well as there are nursing homes in both the city and in rural areas that lack basic health care facilities for not only the patients but also the nurses have to suffer from these basic deficiencies. (Anderko, Robertson and Lewis, 1999). On the other hand, we also find discrimination in male and female nurses in the professional nursing environment similar to that in other work places regarding sexuality. Though, both male and female nurses have the same potential and ability to offer their humanistic services to the patients and the needy but they are discriminated in various aspects. For instance, in educational standards, hiring them and the salary stuff etc. (Kramer and Hafner, 1989) At the same time, we also find differences in the projection of media. There was a time that the profession of nursing was considered to be best for women but now with the passage of time and modernization, not only men are equally participating in this filed but also women are losing their traditional respect as professional nurses. Nonetheless, educational institutions also provide professional trainings. Moreover, various courses are also included in the professional training process of nursing. Though, currently there are many issues regarding the oppression of professional nursing groups but this paper will discuss the oppression of nursing groups with specific reference to the role of media.

Media and Nursing Profession
Media plays a very important role in exploiting or enhancing the image of various social, political, national and international or personal issues. At the same time, media also has the credit to internationalize these issues globally, as people belonging to any country of this globe and related to any socio-culture and ethnic group or any profession of this world are aware of the happenings of each corner of the world. Therefore, media plays a very significant role in highlighting any small and simple issue to make efforts for finding solutions to that very issue and to uncover the hidden truths of any society, political group or state. The Image Of Nursing In Media

Though electronic media is currently playing a significant role in encouraging the prestigious profession of nursing but print media is more active in this regard. We find a number of articles and research work done on various aspects of nursing. For instance, the issues faced by both women and men before and after entering the profession of nursing. The different stages from education and training to appointments, all these stages are not simple and easy tasks. Nurses especially women nurses have to undergo a number of challenges to get admissions into educational...
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