The Ill Effects of Animal Abuse

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Animal Abuse
As you walk outside you, get in the car, put your seat belt on, and then car shifts into reverse and starts to go backwards out of the drive way. Driving down the road you see something in the distance, but you aren’t sure what it could be. As you get closer and closer it starts getting clearer and you see a dog tied up to the railing on the side of the road. You know that it hasn’t eaten in days because its ribs are sticking out, and its face was bloody from which you were assuming it was abused. People who abuse or abandon animals should go to jail.

People in the world treat their pets like family. As if they were one of their own children. People who own animals should go to jail for abusing or abandoning their pets. Making people pay fines for abusing or abandoning animals just isn’t enough. Do you really think these people care? These people are going to keep doing what they are doing to the animals. What if that was a child would we just fine them? No, we would put them in jail.

There probably are millions and millions of stray cats and dogs that have been left behind by needless people who are either over whelmed by the task of caring for the animals or don’t take the time to find alternative care for their pets. People who abandoned their pets at rest stops,

or by woods or places where they are forced to fend for themselves by killing rabbits, birds, frogs, should go to jail. If we treat our pets like our own children, then people should take the consequences as if it were a real child or a person.

The Acts Of Violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty. Starvation, suffering, fear, pain, slow death, or constant torment are unimaginable conditions to most people. However, these are countless and untold thousands of animals whose lives will never offer anything, but those conditions. They are intelligent animals who feel love, sorrow, pain, fear, happiness. The only thing they are...
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