The Ignorance of Bliss

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The Ignorance of Bliss

Is it really better to be completely deluded about your reality, and live a still fairly normal life, rather than deciding to take arms against your previously unknown captors and live a harsh and barbaric lifestyle, but with complete freedom. This is one of the moral difficulties presented by the movie “The Matrix”. Almost the whole of the human population is living in a complete delusion of their surroundings, thinking that they are actually living normal lives, when in actuality they are energy sources for giant machines. There is are select few that live outside the “matrix” and are mounting a resistance against the machines, but, like previously mentioned, what is the morally correct thing for the “resistance” to do. Leave the people in the matrix, or allow them to fight in a hostile world? According to John Stuart Mill’s “Utilitarianism” the choice is simple. Leave them in their world where they could be the happiest. This view is almost naïve in its simplicity. The decision could never be so simple. John Stuart Mill’s “Utilitarianism” explains how the most morally right thing to do, in it’s most simple, broken down form, is the thing that results in the most happiness to whoever is experiencing the consequences. When looked at from this angle, again, the decision Neo from “The Matrix” is very simple: leave all of the people inside the matrix exactly where they are, as their position within the matrix leaves them in more happiness than any life outside it. But, as previously mentioned, this seems like a completely ridiculous idea, as all of those humans are being utterly deceived in ways they cannot possibly imagine. So, how in any way can this be the correct decision? Would it not be better to allow those people to fight for there freedom? Is not freedom an unalienable right of all of humanity? But, then again, would not the decision to take those people out of the matrix be taking away their self same freedom of...
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