The Idiot

Topics: Sin, Afterlife, God Pages: 4 (1707 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The Idiot
Many religious faiths believe in the doctrine of original sin. It is accepted that humanity is born evil - despite its efforts to achieve high moral standards. A child’s innocence becomes tainted by the sin of the world. God’s purest creations are stained by the sin and evil of human nature, yet salvation is promised to those who embrace and delight in it. Fyodor Dostoevsky alludes to the idea of the embracing of faith in the midst of the persistence of evil. In his book, “The Idiot”, Dostoevsky destroys innocence and reveals the stain past evils leave behind to depict the destructive power of evil. The impossibility of standing against this powerful force is shown through evils’ destruction of all characters as well as through its permanence. This further adds to the theme and brings out a beautiful message to embrace faith despite the surrounding evil. ‘The Idiot’, Prince Myshkin, portrays pure innocence and Christ-like qualities, which are ultimately tainted and destroyed by evil. He is perceived differently by each character in the story - for his purity and goodness seem impossible to grasp in a world characterized by sin. Each character reflects part of his/her own personality into what they believed him to be. Myshkin’s purity and struggle to overcome evil are fruitless. His constant struggles to help others ultimately leads to his destruction. Prince Myshkin suffers from epilepsy, which parallels religious transformations. He preaches about Christian morals and standards and is disgusted by the corruption around him.” His mind and heart were lit up with an extraordinary light; all his agitation, all his doubt, all his worries were as if placated at once, resolved in a sort of sublime tranquility, filled with serene, harmonious joy, and hope, filled with reason and ultimate cause” (pg. 225). Through his fits, Myshkin experiences an absolute understanding and the beauty of life that other characters have trouble seeing. His ‘hope’...
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