The Ideal Woman

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  • Published : June 22, 2012
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The Ideal Woman’s Body

The 21st century’s North American society is dominated by the obsessive desire of women to look like society’s, media-influenced, portrayal of the “ideal body.” This is a result of the way society has objectified women as just “sexual bodies;” largely for the gratification and enjoyment of men. Not only is the media creating these ideal bodies for women to look up to and idolize, but, they are also providing ways in which to obtain these bodies such as weight-loss programs, cosmetic surgeries, gym memberships, and more. These approaches to change women’s “imperfect” bodies also create a mindset that the body can be controlled which results in self-hatred and self-loathing when one fails to look like the idealistic body (Wendell). An analysis into the aspects of today’s popular culture which includes advertisements, entertainment such as television shows, and the various methods to try to control one’s body, is a definite confirmation of how society objectifies women’s bodies which results in the extensive negative effects on women.

Advertising is everywhere. It is all around us; whether we’re watching TV, there are advertisements shown during commercials, walking down the street, there are advertisements on billboards being displayed, or riding the bus, there are advertisements posted onto the side of the bus. Everyday, people encounter a numerous amount of advertising and a lot of this advertising involves thin, beautiful women. Some of these advertisements don’t even involve the faces of these women, just their bodies; this is called dismemberment, when only parts of the body are shown (Campbell, week 6). By doing so, companies are manipulating the bodies of women as objects to sell their products through the sexualization of their bodies. As a result, women begin to compare their own bodies to the bodies they see in all these advertisements. This leads to women feeling dissatisfied with their bodies and developing an...
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