The Ideal Society

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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New jersey city university|
Ideal Society|
Parshv Shah|

This paper contains a personal opinion and rough creation of an ideal society. The society created is based on the personal values, present society issues and ideas from the reading and teachings of the great philosophers who have tried to build their utopias in the past.|

The perfect society does not exist. If it did however, it would probably sound much like the vacation brochures you can read at your travel agency. The air and water would be clean. You could have a perfect view of anything you wanted. Also, the weather would be perfect for any activity you wanted to do. This Utopia does not physically exist, but in our minds, it goes something like this. The air is always fresh and clean, free of any toxins. The climate would be perfect for any activity you wanted to do at any particular day. If you wanted to go, skiing you could go the mountains in the north where the temperature is just cold enough for snow to fall. However, if you wanted to be a beach bum the next day you could go south to the sandy beaches. The ocean water would be crystal clear and always warm. You could lie in the sun all day with no worry of skin cancer. The people on the beaches also do not worry about what may wash up on the beach because pollution is not defined in their society. In our society, every person is treated as an equal. No one person would think or act as if they were better than someone else was. There would be no racism present, all types of people would reside here and get along together. It would not matter if you were African, Caucasian or any color of the rainbow everyone is treated the same. People would not judge each other by their appearance or whom they interacted with. Freedom is also one of the major problems which all the philosophers face while they are building their utopia or their perfect society. Throughout the course of time, many brilliant...
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