The Ideal Parents

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Definition Essay
The ideal parents

Dec, 13, 2010

Mr. Yassin

I. Encouragement
A. Ethics
1. Rights
2. Wrongs
B. Love and respect
1. Family members
2. All Muslims
II. Trust and friendship
A. Chance
1. Listen
2. Apply
B. Build confidence
1. Decision marker
2. Discuss The ideas
III. Punishment
A. Penalty
B. Over hit

"His parents make him Jew, Christian, or Magus." a part of a prophetic tradition. The parents are the first base of the family. The ideal parents encourage their children to do the right things, deal with them as friends, and punish them within the mistake.

The Ideal parents encourage and teach their children to do the right things and avoid the wrong things. In this sense they are always doing the right things in front of their children in order to correct those things implanted in the hearts of their children from an early age. They also teach their children to respect our elders and to respect the family and all Muslims. They encourage their children how to behave well to the neighbors and the society members.

The ideal parents deal with their children as friends. They always attention sons since childhood identify problems and help them solve it, they also teach the child from a young age to be open to parents and encourage them to get out his feelings for them. They listen to them and urging them to express their point of view. They open the way for their children that they contribute in solving some of the problems faced by the family. They trust their children and let them feel confident to make decisions.

The ideal parents punish their children within the mistake. Ideal parents keep control of their emotions when they punish their children, and then improve...
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